“My wife and I flew from Washington State to Fiji to have a just-married adventure. Goals were simple, relax and explore all over, by whatever means possible. From the first e-mail Aaron sounded straight up and professional, yet mellow. He answered all of my questions leading up to our departure for Fiji, I had a lot considering we had never been to Fiji and didn’t know what to expect. After looking over the website and talking with Aaron over e-mail, I was confident the Wayward Wind would be just what we were looking for.

In August of 2012 we enjoyed the best week imaginable.

From the moment we met Aaron and stepped aboard a few days prior to our deparchure from Vuda Marina we felt extremely comfortable with both the Wayward Wind, the captain and crew. They take great care of the boat and it shows. There were fresh flowers and smiles when we arrived, and as we headed out on a beautifully-clear day without a breath of wind.

Aaron made up a great adventure that took us to some of his favorite places in the Yasawas, as well as a few new ones he and the crew had never been to. He also likes exploring, obviously.

He has a laid-back and conservative style, always in control of the boat and extremely knowledgable in sailing and all things wooden schooner. I learned so very much discussing his craft and watching and participating in the coordination of it all.

We anchored in solitary bays and would dive off for a snorkel or paddleboard after dropping the hook into crystal-blue water.

We swam through caves, hiked over islands, snorkeled on a WWII Spitfire and in the Blue Lagoon, even Skyped with our parents while watching a beautiful sunset on the back deck one evening (cheating on holiday if you ask me, but they loved to see what we were seeing!).

The boat has what I would consider luxurious ammeneties, including hot showers and a big-screen for watching movies or 3G-streaming when its available.

We enjoyed delicious meals served on the back deck or in the pilothouse, certainly the best food of our entire Fiji experience. They were entirely accomodating, and we were satisfied to the max. The fish was absolutly delicious, especially the Kokonda! Thanks for teaching me Fiji-proper coconut husking! We have been making Kokoda for friends and family and they are blown away.

All-in-all, it was the most memorable vacation I’ve ever had. We had an amazing experience that was difficult to leave behind.

I daydream that I am standing on the tip of the bowsprit headed downwind, the Wayward Wind steadily rising and falling underneath my feet.

So many thanks to Aaron for our favorite memories and continuing friendship.”

Jon and Erin



“Every so often you get to experience something really special. A journey on the Wayward Wind in Fiji is such an experience.

As if sailing through turquoise Pacific waters isn’t enough. Add in secluded reefs to snorkel through, uninhabited islands to drift around, starlit skies to sleep under and delicious meals to enjoy. That’s life on the Wayward Wind.

From the first boarding to the last swim around the 80 foot schooner, the friendly captain and crew look after you. The itinerary, meals and refreshments are all taken care of so all you need to do is enjoy the comforts of a classic yacht and the wonderful panorama as you sail along.

With a simple booking system that takes account of your preferences, this is an experience you will want to have if you seek adventure and fun out of life.”

A and C Lomp



“Hey guys had the best time aboard your yacht. Thanks for making our engagement something special and something to be remembered forever.”

Dale & Tanika


“Hello Aaron,

Antonia and I are now back in our city and I am back at work.

First of all, I would like to thank you and your crew for the beautiful sailing cruise we enjoyed in the Fiji Islands.

We appreciated:

· – your and your crew’s friendly attitude;

· – the splendid cuisine we had the chance to taste;

· – the general situation of the boat with her own charm;

· – the spots we visited.

Finally, I would like to tell you that for us the experience in your boat has been very good; to be recommended to anybody is interested in peaceful sailing in exotic seas and in appreciating good food.

Bye bye,”

Antonia and Licerio